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DogRelations’ services allow you to unleash your dog’s optimal physical and mental well-being for life. Regardless of your dog’s age and breed: at DogRelations, we are happy to guide and advise you regarding all aspects of your dog’s needs, be it behavior, manners, nutrition, physical conditioning or occupational therapy. We feel that mental and physical well-being are strongly connected. Let us advise you to help make your life with your dog as fulfilling and rich as possible.

Our private, in-home physical conditioning services are beneficial to all dogs but are especially important for dogs who are predisposed to injury due to congenitally unstable joints, sports injuries, arthritis and cognitive degeneration.

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We provide carefully tailored private, in-home services in New York City for:

  • Post surgery and post injury
  • Sports conditioning for working dogs
  • Physical conditioning for senior dogs, dogs with arthritis
  • Occupational therapy /Mental stimulation for chronically ill dogs
  • Physical conditioning/training for overweight dogs
  • Dogs with orthopedic issues (ie: weak knee caps, hip dysplasia)

Results Include:

  • Improved reaction and control
  • Increased truck and core strength
  • Stabilization of weak areas
  • Improved balance and proprioception (awareness of the body’s position in space)
  • Increased range of motion in joints & elongation of the muscles
  • Improved sensory & body awareness
  • Preventing sports-related injuries

Post injury/post surgery dogs recover better and more completely given an intelligent exercise program. Dogs with arthritis can experience improved range of motion and flexibility through gentle stretching, massage, as well as core stabilizing exercises.

Occupational Therapy

Senior Dogs or dogs with limited mobility due to chronic disease can benefit greatly from occupational therapy and mental stimulation.

Dogs can experience a much higher quality of life and increased longevity with occupational therapy providing them with endorphin producing activities and games.

Senior dogs love to play mentally stimulating and endorphin producing games. Additionally, keeping your senior dog mentally sharp and busy helps prevent ‘doggie Alzheimer’s” and depression.

Our approach at DogRelations is always thoughtful, individualized and effective. We strongly believe that humans and dogs can develop much deeper and meaningful relationships in an environment of kind and benevolent, yet simple and direct communication. Good health and even keeled behavior, good nutrition and plenty of mental stimulation go hand in hand to enable both humans and dogs enjoy this mutually beneficial relationship.

Our private, in-home physical conditioning services are beneficial to all dogs but are especially important for dogs who are predisposed to injury due to congenitally unstable joints, sports injuries, arthritis and cognitive degeneration.

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To learn more about our NYC IN-HOME dog physical therapy, rehabilitation and occupational therapy services, contact us by phone at (917) 783-1473 or our contact form.

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My ex-wife and I have a now 11 year-old Border Collie named Oreo. In late September, 2013 she completely tore her ACL and partially tore the medial meniscus on her left hind leg. Needless to say, we were besides ourselves. She had surgery the next day, and did well in the post-op period. One thing the vet made clear from the beginning was the importance of good physical therapy and rehab starting a few weeks post-op. We did some research, and ended up with two referrals: the physical therapist in the animal hospital, and Elisabeth Weiss of DogRelations. We had Oreo see both, to figure out which one we liked better. Elisabeth started off with a comprehensive evaluation of Oreo and her needs from a very holistic approach. She gave recommendations about Oreo’s feeding and her weight, her general behavior, and her rehab plans. After a few sessions with Elisabeth, we dropped the other PT like a hot potato. What can I say about Elisabeth? She’s phenomenal! She has a great rapport with our dog and is constantly giving Oreo praise and TLC. Oreo responded to her right from the get-go. Over the past three months, Oreo is a changed dog! She’s running around, dancing sideways and is clearly more agile now then she was before the injury. Elisabeth has gone from focusing primarily on the injury, to working on Oreo’s arthritis and even working on some of her “bad” behaviors. Oreo loves to see Elisabeth and is always exhausted after her workouts. Quite simply, Elisabeth is great. You can tell that she truly loves dogs, and is working with a great deal of knowledge in the field. Parenthetically, she’s extremely professional, reliable, and trustworthy. Thanks, Elisabeth for everything that you’ve done for Oreo!!
Elisabeth gets great results quickly. The lessons are a happy, fun experience for the dog and the rest of the family. Our dog (Max) is always really delighted to see her and has learned so much in a very short time. Elisabeth is a fount of information about training and other topics such as diet, health care, grooming and even travel tips.