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Elisabeth Weiss

Life Enriching Dog Trainer NYC

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Elisabeth Weiss – Life Enriching Dog Trainer NYC

DogRelations™ NYC dog training is really about positive reinforcement training in an enjoyable and life enriching way. This means giving your dog a clear understanding of behaviors you want to encourage while having fun and developing a close relationship. Dogs thrive on honest, direct and consistent communication, just like friends who completely trust and rely on one another.

We offer dog behavior counseling that is Integrative, Thoughtful and Effective

When it comes to rewarding your dog, considering the salience of the value is as important as the nutritional quality or what you are offering. Many pre-packaged dog food treats are full of unhealthy fillers and unnecessary colors, artificial flavors, preservatives and excessive sodium that can harm your dog’s physical and mental health. At DogRelations NYC we […]

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